Merrick Has Issues

Merrick Has Issues started out as an Instagram video series way back in August 2013; it was my way of bringing a bit of my favourite part of comics retail—recommending comics!—to the digital realm. The original series ran on a weekly basis (with a few hiatuses…) up through 2017. Now in 2019 I’m bringing the show back, this time in podcast form and with a looser format that isn’t strictly about comic books.

So that’s where we are now! All new updates to Merrick Has Issues are posted on the blog, and this page will continue to expand as the project regains its footing and continues to evolve.

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Have a question for the show?

Ask Merrick Has Issues a question! Could be about anything (keep it clean, yo) and if/when it fits in an episode, I’ll read it on air. Sweet!

Photography provided by Joshua Dommermuth of Quixotic Images.