So this is the story of a dog with no name, but for now, we’ll call her Nugget. On Friday, January 27, 2018, a woman abandoned Nugget at the Portland International Airport by handing her over to an employee and saying she no longer wanted it. After a brief adventure getting loose and running around in the airport, her foster mom swooped her up in a coat and kept her in her office. Many people came to visit Nugget and pet her that evening, and Nugget did great with all the attention. But she was exhausted from all the excitement, a little underfed, and was walking with a limp. Poor Nugget!

That night Nugget went home with her foster mom, who took her to the DoveLewis Emergency Veterinary Hospital the next day. They took some x-rays of her back leg and gave her an injection to help with the pain (she didn’t like that part). Soon after it was official: Nugget’s back leg is broken! Oh noes.

Originally thought to perhaps be an Italian Greyhound, the vet thinks this lil’ Nugget is a Dachshund/Chihuahua mix in the range of 4-6 months old, and she is a very smol dog (a whopping 5 pounds!). Small dogs have very fragile bones that can be hard to repair, but there is a chance Nugget’s leg can be saved. Saving her leg and fixing the broken femur bone will be expensive, and might not even be the best choice for her health-wise. Fortunately, because she is still a puppy, she has a good chance of making a full recovery, whether she remains a quadruped or evolves into the form of tripod dog.

The “we” in this story are Nugget’s foster mom, Brandee, and her furever mom, Merrick. We are both quite smitten by this little fury nugget of love (as are our extended families), and how well she is taking everything in stride. Despite being under a great amount of stress, pain, and confusion, Nugget hasn’t barked or snapped at anyone (not even Brandee’s two cats). She just wants to be warm and cosy and feel love! And we want that for her too.

The first vet appointment (on Jan. 27 2018) cost $500 and included x-rays and pain meds; our options for Nugget’s leg are estimated at $4000-6000 for femur repair or $3000 for amputation. We are trying to move very quickly here; we don’t know how long her leg has been broken and want her to be pain-free as soon as possible. There will be follow-up visits to the vet during her recovery, but we can’t estimate those costs right now.

We are asking for your help with raising $6000, which should cover most of her initial appointment and surgery; anything beyond that will be applied to future vet bills. We will also be looking into things like CareCredit to help offset these sudden and unexpected costs. The sooner we can raise these funds the better a chance this lil’ Nugget will have to keep her leg and recover quickly. Please donate if you are able and share this campaign to help us get Nugget (or, whatever her name ends up being!) back on the right path to living out a happy life.

Nugget will be going in for surgery on her leg on Sunday, January 28, 2018. We are really looking forward to bringing her home, starting her healing process (not sure from surgery, but the trauma of abandonment), and getting to know this beautiful little creature. We will be sharing news here as things develop, to keep everyone in the loop on her care and progress. Thank you so much.