With Irma’s surgery behind us, things have slowed down a bit and I am getting caught up on assessing the overall state of things. Those first few days were extremely tense and while I’m still exhausted, I’m glad it’s now because I’m taking care of a puppy on the mend, and not because I’m running around trying to figure out how to help her. Thank you to the GoFundMe community as well as my immediate circle of friends and family for making sure Irma and I get through this initial adjustment phase as smoothly as possible.

Last Friday was our first visit back to the orthopaedic surgeon after Irma’s surgery. She needed her bandages replaced and during that process, Dr. Kiefer examined her leg to check how things were going. It sounds like Irma is recovering well, maintaining strength in her leg as well as range of motion. This bodes well for once her bandages (as well as her sutures and related cone) are removed entirely, which we are hopefully on track to do this upcoming Friday. He also said that we can start taking her off some of her medications, but to stick with the painkiller for a bit longer. Overall it was a good visit and Irma stole many hearts… which she apparently used to decorate her new bandage! Check out that cutie!

Despite being on multiple medications and hobbled by a bulky bandage and a cone, the nugget continues to zip and zoom around as if nothing in the world could stop her. At least, that’s what she tries to do as soon as nobody is looking directly at her! Running and jumping are on the no-no list during recovery, so it’s 24/7 observation for this little one… it is VERY hard to keep a young puppy from running and jumping! Once she’s in the clear we’re going to have to lay down carpets everywhere to give her some traction on her sprints, or we’ll end up with dog-sized impact craters in all the walls!

We are looking at around $200 for vaccinations, which is our next step in puppy care. Moving forward with her general wellness is tricky because I do not know anything about her health care before she arrived in my life; I feel it’s safe to assume that it was minimal and that she has not received any vaccines to date. I will also be enrolling Irma in a pet insurance plan to help cover the costs of her spay surgery, expected dental work that is common in small dogs of this type, and of course, any other future unexpected medical needs. Insurance quotes from my top two companies range from $30-$50 a month depending on deductibles (usually $1000-$500).

In the time I have had Irma she has lost three baby teeth, and she is definitely preoccupied with teething and chewing. But since I want to make sure that she builds good habits we have plenty of organic edible chews as well as toys to keep her distracted. She is a quick learner so it never takes much for her to pick up positive new habits. Crating is a different monster entirely (I get the impression there’s some PTSD from her early months) and that one will take some time, but we’ll get there. For now, she’s getting lots of cuddles, reassurance, and human social time. Hanging out with other dogs will have to wait until vaccines are finished, but that gives her plenty of time to physically heal from her leg surgery and learn some etiquette before she gets rough and tumble with some new pals.

I’m still getting asked by folks what’s going to happen to Irma next, which perplexes me because I thought I was pretty clear that I am adopting her! Or have already adopted her, really. Maybe she’s adopted me? Either way, this nugget isn’t going anywhere, and she’s got some great adventures in store! I can’t wait to see what the next chapter of my life holds now that she’s a part of it!

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