So it has officially been a week since the nugget showed up on the scene. I posted the first photo we have of her, chilling with some staff at the airport, over on her Instagram and Facebook. Unfortunately, GoFundMe only allows up to three images in each post, so you’ll have to pop over to @irmathenugget to check that out. Today I was going to post about expenses and receipts thus far. That makes this the exciting bookkeeping post!

Above you’ll find both medical receipts and receipts from supply runs at pet stores. Apologies for the very haphazard presentation but I’ve been doing most of this work on my phone, usually with a dog strapped to my chest or in my lap, or in a vehicle traveling somewhere.

Each of the attached receipts are numbered in red, which corresponds to the summaries below. At the time of writing this, Irma’s GoFundMe campaign to save her leg (launched mid-afternoon on January 27th) has received $5384 from donors. Of that amount, a net total of $5178.76 will have been released to my personal bank account to cover her medical costs.

#1 – Jan. 31 – invoice from the bone repair surgery, which includes additional x-rays and a plate + 6 screws being permanently implanted to secure the repair.

#2 – Jan. 30 – invoice from the consultation to determine whether surgery was likely to be successful or if the leg would need to be amputated

#3 – Jan. 28 – receipt from filling a prescription for painkillers once we decided to delay her surgery and seek out a specialist

#4 – Jan. 27 – invoice from taking a recently abandoned puppy with a limp in to a veterinarian for an emergency exam and x-rays.

#5 – Jan. 27 – purchase of basic puppy care supplies to get through the weekend

#6 – Jan. 30 – purchase or more long-term dog care items. Unrelated purchases have been crossed out.

#7 – Jan. 30 – purchase of more long-term care supplies. Unrelated purchases have been crossed out.

#8 – Feb. 2 – purchase of general puppy healthcare items

What you don’t see is a couple email receipts of things we’ve ordered from Amazon, and travel costs. I am definitely keeping track of ALL Irma-related spending, not just the receipts here, and in approximately two weeks’ time I will post the full document, after we’ve concluded all the urgent medical work on her leg and I can accurately relay the full cost of her surgery and related medical expenses.

At her upcoming February 9th appointment to change bandages and check progress, I can ask Dr. Kiefer about the likelihood that puppers might need physical therapy after her bandages and sutures are removed for good. That will give me a better idea of what kind of pet insurance might be best for her and how soon we can start expecting medical expenses like immunizations, the rabies vaccine required for county registration, and getting her chipped and later spayed… and what kind of costs we’re looking at overall for each of those types of care.

I know this is a lot of information and numbers to process, but I hope it is beneficial for everyone to see exactly what the cost of a situation like this can be for a pet owner, let alone my surprise rescue and adoption of the nugget. There is no way any of this would not have been possible with each of your gracious donations, and sharing the link to this GoFundMe with your own network. Great job everyone!!

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