Well, I suppose I can stop opening each update by saying it’s been a big news day because it seems that every day comes with big news! And this pup nugget’s only been in my life for… what, 3 days now? Oof!

Fun news first: someone forwarded the link for the GoFundMe to local Portland news channel KATU News, and I met with them today to film a little interview about our small friend. The segment aired during the 5 o’clock news! If you are newly arrived here, just out of curiosity or you’ve already donated, hello and thank you for your interest in seeing this great dog find health again! Our girl was kind of scared by the comparatively GIANT news camera but she did great! Thank you KATU for the signal boost! You can watch the segment online here: Dog with broken leg abandoned at airport; needs expensive medical care

Today had a LOT of phone calls, not just to coordinate the news interview but also with multiple veterinary offices. We have an appointment scheduled for 8:30 am tomorrow (Tuesday) to meet with an orthopaedic specialist to assess our current situation and talk about next steps. If the doctor feels her chances are good, it’s possible that the pup will be going in for same-day surgery.

Another factor in our ability to enter into surgery tomorrow is money. Like is often the case, the surgery clinic requires half payment up-front and half payment upon release of the patient. As of 1 am GoFundMe began transferring the first chunk of money, $3365.96 to be exact, to my bank account. This process can take 2-5 days, so it’s possible I won’t have the funds available by tomorrow for a same-day surgery. But even if it doesn’t, I think we’ll still be able to scrape together that initial payment from personal funds (rent’s not due for a few days yet, right?).

As many people recommended, I did apply for a CareCredit account to help offset costs. Ah well. But sometimes all we can do is try!

Another big part of today was starting to prepare space for Nugget’s recovery. I put out a call to my friends on Facebook asking if anyone had baby gates I could borrow to block off stairs, kitchens, hallways, etc. Essentially my goal is to corral her into an easily observable space without keeping her in confined quarters, which might stress her out more. Fortunately, I received a lot of responses and by the end of the day had 3 baby gates and a wire pen! One of the baby gates was even new in box, so new it was still wrapped for a baby shower! Amazing.

One of my dog-loving friends even brought me a present for the pupper, her first plush squeaky toy! I didn’t want to buy up too many toys before getting to know her, so this was a great present that she was immediately curious about.

Like I said, today was a very busy day so I feel like I might be forgetting something. We have an early day tomorrow and still some new patient paperwork to fill out tonight, so I think we’re going to call it a night! Hopefully, we have good news tomorrow!

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