Hello everyone! I am posting this update from the couch, with one very sleepy and mildly gassy puppy curled up in a blanket next to me. Some updates!

Today’s initial vet appointment was not with DoveLewis directly but with Pearl Animal Hospital, who recommended working with DoveLewis for the actual surgery portion. We’ve had quite a few people reach out with their own recommendations about veterinary offices and surgery clinics, which we are doing our best to assess.

Right now there is a potential for delaying her surgery until Monday in order to make sure we can work with a veterinary surgeon who will be best matched to both her current and future needs. From my understanding the femur bone has an oblique fracture and will most likely need to be reset with pins and such; I’m not the person who has been talking to the vet so please excuse my uncertainty. For right now it is late and we can’t entirely say what the next few days will look like. One day at a time—currently it’s only day two of this adventure!

Nugget remains inquisitive, rambunctious, and bold in personality, but you can tell she is in pain. Little one is favoring her injured leg and keeping it off the ground most of the time. You can tell she is uncomfortable, especially when she goes to rest and has a hard time finding a position to lay in. We do have some pain meds from the vet appointment earlier today and they seem to help.

She is quite thin, which is most noticeable in her hips/pelvis, but she has a healthy appetite! Getting her weight back up is going to be a big part of her recovery and I imagine it’ll be an easy part! Ha! I took some video of her tonight, which I’ll try to get uploaded tomorrow to give everyone an idea of her vivacious personality as well as her “before” physical condition.

I started this GoFundMe about five hours ago and we are already halfway to our goal, which is *amazing*. I’m floored by the reception but I’m not surprised this little Nugget’s story has touched your hearts as much as it has mine.

Thank you to everyone who has donated, be it $5 or $50 or somewhere in between (or more!). And thank you just as much to those who have shared the campaign via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. That makes a huge difference for us as well in keeping momentum and visibility high. Basically, thank you for joining us on this rather surprising adventure!

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