About Merrick Monroe

Merrick Monroe is a perverse polymath who would rather learn from real world experience than formal education. She works/dabbles in most any creative field she can find the time for, which has included photography, modeling, cosplay, jewelry and accessory design, event DJing, go-go dancing, graphic and web design, convention planning, and art curation. Currently she works as a retail manager and gallery curator. Retail was one of her first loves (right after art) and she started writing business plans in middle school and competed in Entrepreneurialism events as part of both FBLA and DECA student organizations in high school. Things you did in high school aren’t really a bragging point once you’re in your mid-30s, but it does go to show you just how broken she is to have spent so much of her life dedicated to retail work.

With a personal style somewhere between gothy art school drop-out and Brutalist minimalism, Merrick plays with her outward presentation as much as her creative focus, always pushing her comfort zone to include new formats, methods of distribution, and creative foci. She prefers odd numbers in multiples of 3; thrives on colour yet wears all black. She is a geek, a dork, a pervert and a hedonist. This is a person who has no idea what she is doing half the time and rather likes it that way; she feels it keeps her honest.

Merrick was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon and moved to the Portland area in 2006, and the city at large has served as her creative muse in the time since. If she could she’d spend more time exploring the modern transhumanism movement and grinding/biohacking, working from home more often than going anywhere in public, and have a never-ending supply of ingredients for DIY smoothies. When she’s not taking photos of her dog, you can find Merrick organizing her comic books, drinking coffee, making playlists, and being generally awesome.

Photography provided by Joshua Dommermuth of Quixotic Images.