[product] live in PDX at Hive, July 2013

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[product] is a Portland local band with a dark harsh EBM sound, and you can tell that frontsman Michael is really invested in his music. I love band and live event photography though it’s not something I’ve done much of in the past year, so I was excited to get some good shots of these guys during their show last Sunday.


The historic Star Theater is gorgeous and has quickly become one of my favourite performance and dance venues in Portland; it’s a very unique space with great sound and lighting, and a really lovely staff. Though the amount of fog made this a tricky one, I’m really enjoying the soft colour gradients and hazy, shadowy figures from the night’s photos. I’m rather addicted to neon blues, purples, greens, and peaches right now so this show was a delight to shoot!


[product] has shared the stage with some of my favourite performers in industrial music, including Android Lust and Mankind is Obsolete. Plus, their imminent single, “Awaken The Alchemist”, features remixes by M‡?c?ll? and V?LH?LL, two bands I am listening to a lot these days. Really makes me look forward to when their next full EP drops; wonder who else will be jumping on board to do remixes by then?


I love seeing an active dance floor at concerts… even moreso when it’s a friend’s band people are rocking out to. Absolute dedication to your sound, reading the crowd, and putting your all into a show are things that the crowd recognizes, and that [product] definitely delivered on. I hope I can check out their next show too and get introduced to more great music while I’m out on the dance floor enjoying the show!

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[product]pdx on Soundcloud


If darker electronica music (whether stompy or swirly), romantic old buildings, and well dressed darklings are your thing, I highly suggest checking out Portland’s Church of Hive dance nights every Sunday at the Star Theater (no cover!). The event has been bringing in some great live performers (like [product]) to mix things up between sets of some of the best DJed music in Portland. Read up on their website or “like” the Facebook page, and maybe I’ll see you there some night.

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