Floofie is beautiful “Inside and Out”, new set on Zivity!


Last month I did some modeling for one of my favourite artists, Itsajackal. I’ll have to post about Alex and his art another time, but for now he is merely serving as a useful segway to the content of this post. Alex came to town and we got lunch at one of  my favourite sandwich shops, then met up with local model Floofie and a friend of hers who was visiting from New York. Alex was going to shoot Floofie and her friend while I hung out harassing them quietly from the background, but the night before I realized that hey, I’ve got a Big Fancy Camera too, and maybe I could piggyback on everyone’s plans and we could shoot something for Zivity?

Luckily for me (and, well, you guys) everyone was down for that and thus Floofie and I finally got to shoot together: our first set, “Inside and Out” just went live on Zivity! Please go check it out! Actually it worked out a little too well; Alex’s camera literally fell apart in his hands while shooting the reference pictures he draws from, so while he stepped out to go buy some super glue, Floofie and I had an impromptu photo shoot! She mentioned there was a prize on Zivity called “Butt of Course” that, obviously, was all about butts, and that she also had some cute butt-centric new underwear she hadn’t shot yet. Done! We spent less than half an hour shooting but came away with enough for two sets… that girl’s a pro, I tell ya! It was hard work whittling it down to the best images before submitting to the site.

I’ve known (of) Floofie for years, first through modeling networks (on which I gazed slack jawed at her consistently amazing portfolio) and eventually in real life. You guys, I cannot begin to tell you how adorable and friendly this creature called Floofie is! She’s pretty much the cutest. Her freelance Internet modeling takes her all over the country (and sometimes beyond) to work with photographers. Plus she’s also a really talented artist in her own right. But seriously, I need to get my act together and go to zumba with her sometime, because girl has aaaaabs. You should totes follow Floofie on Tumblr for more of her amazing modeling pics.

In case you didn’t click the link before: GO NOW to see “Inside and Out” featuring Floofie, on Zivity. These 32 awesome pictures need your votes, people! Your votes earn us both money. Money to buy more fancy underwear to photograph (it’s not shown in any of the images but I assure you I was wearing quite lovely underwear as well). If you’re not familiar with the Zivity website and want a free trial, hit me up in the comments (make sure to fill in the email field; I’m the only one who can see it and I need it to send your invite!). On behalf of Floofie and myself, thanks for supporting independent creators. :)

Author: Merrick

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