Goodnight, Jack

I’ve had a few pets die in the course of maintaining this blog. I don’t know why I don’t talk about it; I am not really one for mourning, or crying, or emotional things like that. But I was deeply saddened to hear yesterday that my old friend Jack passed away that morning, due to cancer. He was one of my favourite photographic subjects (such a handsome boy!) so I felt a little photo memorial was in order.

Jack wasn’t “my” cat, not in the sense that you can never really own a cat but because he and his friend Tsukiko came as part of the package of living with my ex. But for the four years we lived together, he was my best buddy. When the ex and I split he said something about being okay if I wanted to take Jack with me, but we both knew separating he and Tsukiko, who he’d been with since a kitten, would be impossible.

He was a very handsome black cat—I’m picky about the aesthetics of the cats I like and Jack was a winner. He had a silly squat build and a broad face and chest, much like a British short hair, but all the charm of your classic black cat. I loved his ridiculously wide nose and his huge gold eyes.

Here’s a video I took of Jack back in 2007. Anytime you scritched about his tale, it triggered compulsive licking. Adorable warning! And as you can tell, he was never camera shy.

Goodbye, my fat little black Jack. You were such a good boy.

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