Hello. As MMXIII comes to a close, I’ve decided to put my website on hiatus, and relaunch some time in MMXIV. The reasons for this are varied, but essentially: the goal of this year has been personal growth, pushing my boundaries and exploring the paths my future might take. While the road has not always been easy nor the weather always fair, I believe this has indeed been a year of progress. Lucky 13s all around. In its current state, this website no longer reflects my interests or activities in the way that I would like it to. It  no longer inspires me to create and disseminate as it once did. This is no good. It is time to change. There is so much I have to show you. Keep an eye on this space to watch the evolution unfold.
xox, Merrick, Dec. 18


“Therefore turn to yourself rather than to your gods or Idols.
Bring out from yourself what is in you, bring it to the light, bring yourself to revelation.”

- Max Stirner, The Ego and Its Own